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Meet Taylor


Taylor is one of those people who has been writing as a hobby since she could hold a pen. She wrote fanfiction as birthday gifts, and decided to try her hand at writing professionally after reading too many bad books.

She won her first Nanowrimo in 2014 with a story that shall never see the light, but one she fondly remembers either way. After writing short stories and contemporary romance under different pen names, she's ready to chase her passion: paranormal romance.

You can find her reading or listening to audiobooks, consumming copious amounts of coffee and tea, or watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the hundredth time (this year). She loves museums, history, bats, and dinosaurs. She almost majored in Biology, then went on to major in English so she could pursue her dream of being an author.

Taylor Fox lives in Toronto, Canada, with her hubby and their cat, Mia. Plans on adopting another feline family member are in development.

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