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Twisted by Darkness - An excerpt

Reaching into the shower, I turn the water on. Warm goodness pours down on my hand, without even a drop of cold. Magic, I’m sure. I pull back and turn around, facing my three shifters while I pull my shirt over my head. Someone groans. I reach behind my back and unclasp the bra, letting it drop just as I turn my back to them. More groans. I smile. I could get used to this teasing.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” I ask over my shoulder as I kick my shoes off. The socks follow them, and I reach down to shove my pants down my legs, but hands curl around my hips first. My back slams into a strong chest, and Apollo’s warmth soaks into me.

“You’re such a tease, baby girl,” he whispers into my ear. “Did you know that?”

“I had no idea,” I shoot back over my shoulder as Apollo’s hands venture down, hooking on the waistband of my pants and tugging them down my legs. I’m naked in a moment, all eyes on me, and there’s not an inch of shame in my heart.

Apollo helps me out of the leggings, then kisses up my thigh to the curve of my ass. Every brush of lips is scorching hot, like flames come from his mouth. Before he can reach my ass, I escape his hold and slip into the shower. Too soon for me to come, and I know I wouldn’t last long with his mouth on me.

Today, I want to lead. I want to rule.

The water droplets rush over my curves, soaking my body and my hair in moments. I stretch myself, then scrub my scalp as I watch the others watching me. Apollo adjusts the bulge in his pants, then strips off his shirt. The others take his lead and strip too, joining me in the shower. I manage to lather myself then wash the foam and detangle my hair under the warm water. They give me all but five minutes, three pairs of eyes hungrily watching me as I wash myself.

I release a sigh once my hair is clean. “There, there. I’m ready.”

Apollo roars what might be a laughter, then ends the space between us, his lips closing over mine. I sigh into his kiss, melting against his hard chest as something harder down south pokes my core. Wetness slicks my folds with every stroke of his tongue against mine, then I remember I’m supposed to be leading this.

I break the kiss, staring up into his eyes. “You know, we should look into the drawers. Maybe someone forgot a condom around here.”

The roar deep in his chest tells me his dragon agrees. He jumps out of the shower, covering the bathroom in water as he goes for the cabinets under the sink and peruses them. I use the time to kiss Ren softly in the lips, racing my hands through his long hair, then turn to nibble on Tristan’s bottom lip. As Apollo makes his way back, I drop to my knees in front of the other two.

Today, I want to have a feast. I gaze up at Tristan and Ren, curling my fingers around both of their lengths, and stick my tongue out. Tristan shudders at the sight, and Ren’s hand shoots out to my hair. I resist his tug, licking at his cockhead and staring at him, just to let him know who’s controlling the sex today.

Slowly, I drag my tongue up and down Ren’s cock, then turn to give Tristan’s the same treatment. The water keeps battering down my back, soaking into my hair, until that stops. Apollo splashes back into the shower, and I shoot him a look over my shoulder, pretending to be uninterested in his now-sheathed fat cock. My mouth waters, but I give him my back and take turns stroking and teasing Ren and Tristan.

Apollo kneels behind me, his knees splashing on the water, his dark thighs contrasting with my pale skin. His fingers dig into the soft skin of my hips, and I whimper from the mere touch of his hand. Oh, this is going to be fun.

The dragon shifter pushes my hair away from my neck. “What do you want us to do, baby girl?” he whispers into my wet skin, making goosebumps flare down my body.

I gaze at him over my shoulder, brushing our lips together without touching. “Fuck me.”

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